Jan 18, 2013

Ready to Launch Android-Viewsonic 32 inch

Monitor manufacturer Viewsonic Corporation introduces the prototype of a computer operating system Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) measuring 32 inches at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2013.

Viewsonic computer, called The Verge, uses Tegra 3 processor equipped with micro holes and mini HDMI connectors.

Viewsonic also provide panel type and mouse through the USB slot on the computer resolution of 1080 pixels.

US-based manufacturer said sail prototype touchscreen computer can also run Windows 8 operating system.

Computer "all-in-one" Android will be priced at 499 U.S. dollars or about Rp 4, 8 million at the launch of this year.

Previous Viewsonic has introduced computer Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) measures 22 inches at the event Computex 2012 in Taiwan.

Introduce The Latest Dell Latitude 10

Continued success Latitude 10 standard configuration, which was launched in October 2012, Dell released the Latitude 10 with the configuration again essential that consumers in the world dedicated to education and small businesses.

Intentionally produced for educational organizations and small businesses, Windows 8 tablet for Latitude 10 is priced from 499 U.S. dollars, or about Rp 4 million.

This tablet offers rich entertainment ranging from movies, books, and games, that support work and play.

Made with magnesium ally and covered with soft-touch paint. Corning Gorilla Glass technology offers a touch on the screen is responsive and vivid graphics suitable for busy and active users.

"Our commitment to innovate in the long journey of education, and configuration essentials Latitude 10 offers a robust accessibility features and personalized learning experiences for educators, students, and parents who told us about their needs for productive class," said Mark Horan, vice president of global education Dell.

With Windows 8, Latitude 10 is designed to increase productivity by maximizing learning and collaborative learning time with instant access to resources through its Instant-On Connected mode Stand-By.

Intel Atom processor and can run Windows 8 Snap Mode, which allows students and teachers to easily perform multi-task to run two applications at once.

Latitude 10 for a 32GB storage capacity sold at a price of 499 U.S. dollars, while the 64GB on memory worth 579 dollars.

Displair, Unique Projector Fog Sailing

Companies from Russia Displair introduce the projector can display images through a screen of water vapor suspended in the air and more powerful thanks to the touch sensors on the face of the device.

Projector Displair, as reported by the Huffington Post, can replace a computer monitor to display digital game Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds when diatraksikan at the International Consumer Electronic Show 2013 in Las Vegas USA.

Product creation Kamanin Maksim was able to detect hand movements so that a layer of water vapor it creates interactive screen, like a touch screen tablet or smart phone.

Displair fog screen projector is also capable of displaying three-dimensional images that can be touched, played, or played with the hands of the user.

Flow blows the fog remained stable despite contact with hands or other objects and not leaving a trail of wet water.

Displair projector will begin shipping in mid-2013 for around 10 thousand dollars and temporarily rented for a thousand dollars a day.

Displair promoting machine tools as a unique presentation projector or media outdoor advertising placed on the sidewalk or the front of the store.

Jan 7, 2013

Intel Rumored to Launch Cable TV Service

Processor manufacturer Intel Corporation is preparing a cable television service and a central care of permissions.

Intel, as reported by TechCrunch, will focus on launching its services in major cities in the U.S. than globally, to make it easier to negotiate with content providers are reluctant to cooperate.

In the video linked distributor companies Intel, an anonymous informant said semiconductor company that is very serious to bring the technology into the living room.

Intel's move was taken after a cooperative effort with the factory smart TV that uses the processor in Google TV, rejected.

Cable TV Service Internet Intel will use two of the pipe connectivity, the traditional channel and streaming content services like Redbox.

In early 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported Intel tried to create a pay TV service.

Reuters in June citing television services accessed tools Intel will use facial recognition technology.

Apple Mac Mini Price Cut

Apple Inc. slashed the price of some products refurbished Mac mini between 15 and 24 percent.

In its online store Apple Store, Apple sells refurbished Mac mini 2.3 GHz dual-core processor Intel Core i5 for $ 469 dollars, discounted 21 percent or 130 dollars.

Product of the reforms Mountain Lion X operating system, 2GB on memory, 500GB hard drive capacity, supported by Intel HD 3000 graphics card.

To refurbished Mac mini 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 sells for 509 dollars, trimmed 15 percent or 90 dollars.

And for refurbished Mac mini with Lion server 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 is offered at a price of 759 dollars, trimmed 24 percent or 240 dollars.

Lenovo Touch Screen Computers

Computer maker Lenovo has updated the devices are like computers all-in-one, ultrabook, and monitors with touch-screen capabilities to support the operating system Windows 8.

Two ThinkPads Lenovo laptops with screens 14 inches, E431 and E531, including products incorporating touch capabilities.

Both the laptop, so called The Verge, using the Intel Core i7, 16 giga bits RAM cards, digital data storage capacity of the tera bit, and Nvidia graphics cards is estimated at two giga bits.

Another Lenovo laptop touch screen is capable of Z400 and Z500 Intel Core i7 processor and RAM cards 16 giga bits.

Two Lenovo's Z series laptops have screens of 14 inches and 15.4 inches with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Lenovo Z400 is expected to be present on the global market in March 2013 while the Z500 series are expected to attend in April.

Other Lenovo Computer clamshell and newfangled touch screen is the latest version of the U310 and U410. Both 14-inch ultrabook that bears the label "Touch" to his name to distinguish the non-touch screen version.

Lenovo completes touch screen device with two desktop computers (desktop) all-in-one is C540 (23 inches) and A730 (27 inches).

Lenovo C540 uses an Intel Core i3 processor while the A730 with the Intel Core i7.

Finally, touch monitor that resembles a tablet with a 13.3-inch size and resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Products named ThinkVision Monitor Touch Mobile is targeting the segment of users who are still loyal to the non-touch screen device, but want to try a touch-based operating system.