Jan 18, 2013

Displair, Unique Projector Fog Sailing

Companies from Russia Displair introduce the projector can display images through a screen of water vapor suspended in the air and more powerful thanks to the touch sensors on the face of the device.

Projector Displair, as reported by the Huffington Post, can replace a computer monitor to display digital game Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds when diatraksikan at the International Consumer Electronic Show 2013 in Las Vegas USA.

Product creation Kamanin Maksim was able to detect hand movements so that a layer of water vapor it creates interactive screen, like a touch screen tablet or smart phone.

Displair fog screen projector is also capable of displaying three-dimensional images that can be touched, played, or played with the hands of the user.

Flow blows the fog remained stable despite contact with hands or other objects and not leaving a trail of wet water.

Displair projector will begin shipping in mid-2013 for around 10 thousand dollars and temporarily rented for a thousand dollars a day.

Displair promoting machine tools as a unique presentation projector or media outdoor advertising placed on the sidewalk or the front of the store.

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