Jan 7, 2013

Lenovo Touch Screen Computers

Computer maker Lenovo has updated the devices are like computers all-in-one, ultrabook, and monitors with touch-screen capabilities to support the operating system Windows 8.

Two ThinkPads Lenovo laptops with screens 14 inches, E431 and E531, including products incorporating touch capabilities.

Both the laptop, so called The Verge, using the Intel Core i7, 16 giga bits RAM cards, digital data storage capacity of the tera bit, and Nvidia graphics cards is estimated at two giga bits.

Another Lenovo laptop touch screen is capable of Z400 and Z500 Intel Core i7 processor and RAM cards 16 giga bits.

Two Lenovo's Z series laptops have screens of 14 inches and 15.4 inches with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Lenovo Z400 is expected to be present on the global market in March 2013 while the Z500 series are expected to attend in April.

Other Lenovo Computer clamshell and newfangled touch screen is the latest version of the U310 and U410. Both 14-inch ultrabook that bears the label "Touch" to his name to distinguish the non-touch screen version.

Lenovo completes touch screen device with two desktop computers (desktop) all-in-one is C540 (23 inches) and A730 (27 inches).

Lenovo C540 uses an Intel Core i3 processor while the A730 with the Intel Core i7.

Finally, touch monitor that resembles a tablet with a 13.3-inch size and resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Products named ThinkVision Monitor Touch Mobile is targeting the segment of users who are still loyal to the non-touch screen device, but want to try a touch-based operating system.

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