Jan 7, 2013

Intel Rumored to Launch Cable TV Service

Processor manufacturer Intel Corporation is preparing a cable television service and a central care of permissions.

Intel, as reported by TechCrunch, will focus on launching its services in major cities in the U.S. than globally, to make it easier to negotiate with content providers are reluctant to cooperate.

In the video linked distributor companies Intel, an anonymous informant said semiconductor company that is very serious to bring the technology into the living room.

Intel's move was taken after a cooperative effort with the factory smart TV that uses the processor in Google TV, rejected.

Cable TV Service Internet Intel will use two of the pipe connectivity, the traditional channel and streaming content services like Redbox.

In early 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported Intel tried to create a pay TV service.

Reuters in June citing television services accessed tools Intel will use facial recognition technology.

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